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What my clients say is extremely important to me, which is why I value their feedback. I’m invested in making sure clients are happy with the services I offer. Take a look at what they’ve said about their experiences and schedule your appointment today.

"Keeping in mind who we are, where we come from and where we are going takes work. RTT is a powerful and fast tool that helped me know myself better and transform me towards the best version of myself. 
Thank you, Giana, for the professional support and your commitment to helping o
thers improve."
MN, Singapore                                                                    


"I am 43yo and I had a shoulder partially replaced in a procedure in December 2022… I am not a very founder of prescribed pills and day to day usage of paracetamol and ibuprofen, not to mention opioids prescribed after surgeries/operations, so I needed advice on how to control and relief pain in a different and gentle way to my body and mind. I was advised by Giana on RTT methods. 

On the day of my surgery, I was very anxious, and I used some of the techniques to relax my body which worked amazingly well. I was prescribed by my doctors to use opioids for at least 10 days after my surgery 3 times a day with paracetamols and ibuprofen every 4 hours. The day 1 after surgery I only used the opioids and no other pain relief in between and I start trying the methods Giana taught me. Day 2 after surgery I cut the opioid for the afternoon, and I only took 1 paracetamol, which was remarkable considering the procedure I had. On the day 3 after surgery with the technique Giana taught me and the customised RTT recording, I could stop the opioids throughout the day. I only had the opioids to sleep, but I had issues as they gave me headaches and nightmares, so I stopped them completely by day 4 of the surgery and I managed the pain only with Giana’s help and 3 paracetamol a day which I could impressively also stop during the day within 6 days of surgery. By only one week after surgery, I was using only paracetamol to sleep!

I am very grateful for the help I received as I have met people who had undergone the same procedure, and the outcome was not positive as mine. People doing the same procedure took up to 2 months to manage the pain and be able to sleep well an entire night.

I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you, Giana, for all the shared knowledge."

AD, Australia

"Like most people, I struggle with my inner demons, and have tried to learn to understand them and manage them with psychotherapy, hypnosis, meditation and medications. Going into the first session with Giana, I had no real expectation, it felt like talking to a therapist again, just telling my story, except this time I could not stop the tears from flowing, it was such a liberating and eye opening experience.   I've learnt a lot from this very short interaction and now try to implement these tools daily. They help me to stay centred and see myself under a very different light.  Thank you for your kindness Giana."

                                                                                             FG, Australia                                                                         


"Think of an experience that will take you beyond your already known mind's boundaries. Fears, impairments and limitations which root causes have always been a question mark for you. RTT will guide you through defining new frontiers of your consciousness and help uncover facts of a distant past that still have severe impact on your daily life. Reprogramming your mind, leaving it all behind and getting a new start is the essence. Thank you Giana for all your support and kindness throughout and after the process.  It made all the difference!"

LB, Brazil

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